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B2B field sales Worldline
Worldline: field sales in a B2B environment


The case studies on Airband and DeltaFiber were about using Salesboard in a B2C environment. But our software is also perfectly suitable for B2B sales! Hence this case study about Worldline, a world leader in payment solutions.

Most people will probably know this brand for their payment terminals that you find in thousands of stores. But of course, that is not the only thing they have to offer. To gain more insight into how Worldline uses our software, we interviewed Rachid Aredouani.

Rachid works as a Sales Manager at Worldline and is responsible for one of their Field Sales teams. Until a little over a year ago, they worked without any field sales software and kept most records in Excel. This obviously led to more administration, but also to little insight into performance and prospects. Eventually, Rachid came across Salesboard through one of his friends. When his friend showed him our software, Rachid was particularly impressed by the user-friendliness and our Audience Dashboard.

Worldline’s way of working

The Field Sales Representatives at Worldline are responsible for maintaining customer relationships and conducting sales meetings with both warm and cold leads.

Warm leads are typically the result of a call from the Telesales team. If a prospect expresses interest during a call, the Telesales team will schedule an appointment with the Field Sales team. The Field Sales team is then responsible for conducting the meeting, presenting the products, and closing the deal.

When it comes to cold acquisition, the Field Sales team is responsible for door-to-door sales. For this, Rachid uploads a list of prospects into the Salesboard app. Our Audience Dashboard shows the sales reps the location and status of those prospects, so they can instantly see which neighborhoods have the most potential.

“When I saw Salesboard for the first time, I was particularly impressed by its user-friendliness and the Audience Dashboard.”

Rachid Aredouani, Worldline

The most valuable features according to Rachid

Integration possibilities
According to Rachid, one of the reasons he chose Salesboard is its ability to connect to virtually any other system. Our Zapier integration allows users to connect to over 5,000 different software packages, making it easy to automate tasks and keep data in sync.

This allows them, for example, to automatically send appointments made by the Telesales team to Salesboard. Also, contracts signed in Salesboard can be uploaded directly to Worldline’s ERP system. Needless to say, there are numerous other applications, but you will find more information on those here.

Audience Dashboard
After an appointment, sales reps often have some time to spare. The Audience Dashboard helps sales reps make the most of their time by allowing them to see which prospects are nearby. This makes it easy to find promising potential customers, and ensures that sales reps are using their time efficiently.

User friendliness
User-friendliness is often seen as a ‘nice to have’ but Rachid considers it one of Salesboard’s most valuable features. Salesboard is designed to be as self-explanatory as possible. That way, sales reps can focus on their core tasks instead of having to learn yet another system.

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