Cross sell your products to existing and new customers

door to door leads

Offering more to customers 

Energy companies offer a variety of products and services. In addition to energy supply, energy companies offer products like solar, isolation, batteries, financing and installation. Therefore, you want to gauge the customer’s need and pitch across your product portfolio.

Starting a dialogue

Start a dialogue with a customer in the field. Find out what the customer is interested in and how your company can play a role in this project. Adapt and start cross- and upselling products across the company’s product range. Maximize sales and gather lots of valuable data from the field.

Managing sales teams

Deploy your sales team or partner up with an external sales team. Either way, you generate data, define actions and maximize sales with Salesboard.

Salesboard for energy

Make sure to start a dialogue with your leads. We help you to step up your game in sales.

  • Extract the maximum value from a customer
  • Get digital support to substantiate your pitch
  • Instant access to all your product content
  • Sign up customers on the spot
  • Cross- and upsell from your product portfolio 
  • Motivate your sales people and provide help 

Where to knock?

Audience Dashboard

  • Find prospects with highest potential
  • Visualize prospects with status updates
  • Manage multiple campaigns in one dashboard 
  • Manage prospects
  • Collect data on address level

How to seal the deal?

Sales Pitch

  • Use your company content during the sales pitch
  • Sign up new customers on the spot using your personalized sales flow 
  • Remote signature 
  • Create appointments with potential customers

Motivate your sales people

Track performance and activities

  • Track performance and activities of sales rep or sales team 
  • Realtime geolocation 
  • Top performers 
  • Motivate your sales reps based on data 
  • Insight in data:
    • Number of doors touched 
    • Number of pitches done
    • Conversions achieved