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Pitch with confidence

Salesboard is the perfect tool for busy B2B representatives who need to streamline their sales process and close more deals

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Make your sales pitch stronger with great visuals

Select the right content at the right time with our user-friendly software.

You spend hours perfecting your pitch and sales techniques. But sometimes you just need to support your pitch with the latest content. Whether you need presentations, product information, pitch cards, or switch content, Salesboard has you covered.

Close the deal – without the paperwork

The feeling of closing a deal is great, but the paperwork afterwards definitely isn’t.

After you closed the deal, you can let the customers sign directly on your device. If they need time to reflect, send the link to sign the contract to their device, and they can sign remotely. Plus, our Zapier integration enables you to set up signature reminders or follow-up appointments automatically.

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B2B Field Sales Select outcome conversations

Define the outcome of your customer interactions in one click

Nobody likes administration. We've made it as simple as possible.

With our easy-to-use interface, you can use result codes to define the outcome of your customer interactions by simply tapping a result code and colour code the addresses on the map accordingly. You can even connect Salesboard to your calendar, Office 365, CRM, and much more! That way, automation is at your fingertips.

“When I saw Salesboard for the first time, I was particularly impressed by its user-friendliness and the Audience Dashboard.”
Rachid Aredouani, Worldline

Use your time efficiently

Our audience dashboard recognizes any interesting prospects nearby.

You just closed the deal and finished the appointment, great! You can either go straight back to the office or you can check the audience dashboard for interesting prospects – it will only take a few seconds.

B2B Field Sales Find Leads near you
B2B Field Sales Campaign Dashboard

Optimize your sales with instant insights

As a B2B sales rep using Salesboard, you’ll generate a lot of data. Use it to get insights and optimize your sales performance.

With our campaign dashboard you'll have insights in your personal performance and activity in the field. Check how many contracts went through and which are still awaiting a signature. Learn how this month’s performance compares to previous months or check how you perform compared to your colleagues! 

Salesboard is not just a field sales app, it’s much more

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