How Field Technicians use Salesboard

Team up with sales

Salesboard is the right tool to help Field Technicians improve customer experience, by providing information or communicating with sales.

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Help the sales team close more deals

Spotted a sales opportunity? Great, select the right result code to alert sales.

It's easy for field technicians to notify the sales team of potential sales opportunities. in one click, field technicians can send information about a potential opportunity directly to the sales team. That way you can make sure the sales team is aware, and able to follow up and close the sale.

Field technicians notify sales of opportunities
Service Technicians Pitch products and replacements

No more guesswork - conduct sales meetings on the spot

Customers can be pitched products and replacements easily.

Field technicians can use Salesboard's pitch cards to conduct short sales meetings. This feature allows field technicians to quickly and easily pitch the right product or service. By conducting short sales meetings, field technicians can generate leads for the sales team or close the deals themselves - right on the spot.

Get insight into complete customer history

Provide better service by having all the information they need about the customer.

Salesboard provides field technicians with insight into the complete customer history. This includes information about sales meetings and commercial agreements. This feature allows field technicians to better prepare for their appointments and provide the best possible service. Having access to this information also allows field technicians to upsell and cross-sell products and services.

Get Insight in customer history

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