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Salesboard Zapier integration
Salesboard’s new Zapier integration: connect to over 5000 apps without coding

We’re excited to announce our new Zapier integration! With this integration, it’s now possible to connect Salesboard to all processes and systems within your organization.

Until now, it was possible to connect Salesboard to other systems, but this usually required customization. Something that’s not necessary anymore with Zapier. Now you can connect Salesboard to over 5000 apps, out-of-the-box. No coding skills required.

What is Zapier?

This is a huge win for our users, as it opens up a ton of new possibilities. For the people who are not familiar with Zapier, watch this video to see how easy it is to set up triggers and follow-up actions.

Examples of integrations

Certain actions in Salesboard can be set up as triggers for follow-up actions in other systems. For example, you can automatically:

  • Send an e-mail confirmation after signing a contract.
  • Assign a prospect to the relevant sales team when they appear to be interested in other products.
  • Move a prospect in the sales funnel after certain interactions.
  • Process contracts in SAP, Salesforce, or almost any other CRM- or ERP-system.

But it also works the other way around, so you can automatically:

  • Schedule an appointment in Salesboard after a form submission on your website.
  • Mark a prospect as ‘interested’ in Salesboard after an interaction in your call center.

Get started now!

If you’re a Salesboard user, be sure to check out this new integration. And if you’re not a Salesboard user, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a demo today!

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