Effectively reach all households within the area around your physical fiber cable.


door to door leads

Gauging interest around the fiber cable

You want to gauge the level of interest of all households located around the fiber cable first. Once this is measured it’s essential to be sure that every single household is approached.

Visiting every prospect

Assign regions with all data and insights to your field sales team. They canvas the entire region by visiting every prospect and registering the result. Ultimately, you have insight in the area coverage, how often prospects have been visited and how many visits converted into sales and if not, why.

Managing sales teams

Deploy your sales team or partner up with an external sales team. Either way, you generate data, define actions and maximize sales with Salesboard.

Salesboard for fiber 

Gain 100% knowledge about customer interest in regions around your fiber cable. We help you to step up your game in sales.

  • Gauge customer interest hyperlocal
  • Get instant results of visiting every prospect
  • Instant access to all your product content 
  • Sign up customers on the spot 
  • Get reports from every prospect interaction
  • Motivate agents and improve performance 

Where to knock?

Audience Dashboard

  • Find all prospects in map view
  • Visualize prospects with status updates
  • Assign sales teams/reps to regions 
  • Manage prospects
  • Collect data on address level

How to seal the deal?

Sales Pitch

  • Use your company content during the sales pitch
  • Sign up new customers on the spot using your personalized sales flow 
  • Remote signature 
  • Create appointments with potential customers

Motivate your sales people

Track performance and activities

  • Track performance and activities of sales rep or sales team
  • Realtime geolocation
  • Top performers
  • Motivate your sales reps based on data
  • Insight in data:
    • Number of doors touched
    • Number of pitches done
    • Conversions achieved