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Salesboard 3.0 is coming!

As of today, Salesboard is part of over 5 million sales pitches per month, which is the result of our continuous effort to improve our product based on our customers’ needs and our own vision of the direct sales channel.

Soon we will release Salesboard 3.0, which takes the evolution of our product to a whole new level. Exciting new features will be released to further optimize field campaigns. But in 3.0 we also enable sales reps to set up (installation-free) screen sharing sessions, set up voice calls and schedule face to face and remote appointments. Of course 3.0 also includes our new and very successful remote signing module, enabling your prospect to sign contracts remotely, on their own device. Salesboard 3.0 is your one-stop shop for all your outbound sales activities.

Ready to take Field Sales to the next level?

With Salesboard, you’ll effortlessly plan, execute and manage field activities – all in one place.