Connecting your call and field channels

Boost your close rates by pushing prospects between channel teams.

The script your callcenter is missing

Use the contact moment to create an up- or cross sale prospect 

“Thank you for calling and glad I was able to help.”

“By the way, you may also be interested in [your cross/up sale]. Is it ok if my colleagues get in touch to tell you more?”


“You decide when and how.”

The script your fieldsales is missing

Follow-up by phone if the visit did not convert

“My colleagues can contact you to go through [your product].”

“Tell me when is a good moment to discuss and I will schedule a call.”

Made possible by Salesboard and QuandaGo

Why are you missing these scripts, while you know how effective they are?

Because if you ask a question, you need to do something with the answer. So your teams need to be able to send the prospect to another team that can follow up effectively.

And there is the problem: there is no bridge between your inbound callcenter and your outbound sales team. They operate as silos.

With a combined Salesboard and QuandaGo setup, you can bridge this gap, resulting in more business and happy and informed customers.

Designing your perfect sales flow

At Salesboard, we take your perfect sales flow as the starting point. Together with you, we will configure our smart software modules that will quickly improve your overall sales KPI’sVery often, there is a lot to be improved in sales flows that contain human interactionSo that’s where we often start looking.

And although we don’t offer one standard piece of software – we will be able to move very quickly. Our software modules and dashboards can typically be configured in 1-2 weeks.

We focus on sales processes that include human interaction

There is a lot to be gained in sales flows that contain human interaction. There is lots of low hanging fruit.

We analyse your sales KPI’s and the desired perfect flow

We rethink your sales process: “How would you sell if technology were no barrier?”

We configure campaigns, roll out and finetune

We roll out modules step by step. We implement where needed and roll out to all users in a pace your team can manage.

IT departments like us

Salesboard is ISO 27001 certified and our cloud infrastructure and processes are audited regularity by independend parties. With our well-documented API’s we will hook in to any of your existing systems.

More scripts?

Enter your information and we’ll send you some more script ideas you could easily implement with Salesboard & QuandaGo.

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