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How DeltaFiber uses Salesboard

Delta Fiber


Taco de Knecht is Channel Manager at DeltaFiber and responsible for the door-to-door sales channel. DeltaFiber visits all residents around new fiber optic cables to sell subscriptions. At the moment, this is of course a booming sector.

Taco is certainly no stranger to Salesboard. He first worked with our app years ago, when he was a Channel Manager at Eneco. Back then, they still worked with paper notebooks. This was not only inconvenient, but also didn’t really fit in with the image of a sustainable company. According to Taco, this was one of the reasons they decided to digitize. In the search for a suitable app, they eventually came across Salesboard. According to Taco, there were several apps with similar functionalities, but Salesboard excelled in user friendliness and the visual aspect.

Because Taco was very satisfied with our software at Eneco, he immediately indicated to DeltaFiber that he would like to work with Salesboard again.

DeltaFiber’s way of working

Before fiber optic cables are placed in a neighbourhood, an inventory is made of how much interest there is. As the laying of these cables is a huge project, a minimum percentage of residents must be interested. All data is uploaded into Salesboard at the beginning of the campaign. Since they only upload addresses where fiber optic cables are actually being laid, sales representatives always visit the right prospects.

The most valuable features according to Taco

All sales representatives tell the same story
By using pitch cards and presentations, managers can be sure that everyone is telling the same story.

Insight into what your team is doing
By visualising the location of your team, as a manager you can see at a glance where your team is, what they are doing, and how they are performing.

Being able to make data-driven management decisions
By selecting the correct result codes after each interaction, Taco has more insight into what’s happening in the field. As he says himself: “You can train your team and teach them a certain pitch, but you usually don’t know what happens after they step out of the office”. Normally, only the number of signed contracts can be used as a KPI. With Salesboard it is also possible to see the reason why sales representatives perform well or badly. Based on this, a manager can decide to give extra sales training, go through the sales pitch one-on-one or to change the strategy in the area.

Ready to take Field Sales to the next level?

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