Campaign Manager

The one-stop shop to manage sales campaigns and to get insights you never had before.

Building campaigns around stories, audiences and teams

Create stories for your products. Upload your prospect list, connect to your CRM or set up a mass market audience. Then set up your campaigns by hooking up your stories and audiences to your sales teams.

Create product stories

Create stories for every product and for every audience. Upload your presentations, brochures, videos, web links and contracts. Add forms and pitch cards.

Define your audience

Upload your prospects excel files, connect to your CRM or use our mass marked data.

Set up roles, users and teams

Define roles and permissions and build your sales teams. Teams will only see the pitch stories assets that are relevant to them and they will only be allowed to interact in a way that you have approved.

Plan and build your campaigns

Stories, audiences and teams all come together in your campaigns. For each campaign you set the period. Add interaction result to get the campaign-specific metrics you need.

Powerful sales insights

Measure performance with detailed campaign reports. See conversions, team- and user performance, popularity of your stories and reports on interactions.