Agent dashboard

Detailed insight in sales performance.

To improve performance, insight in performance is key

Your reps will generate a lot of data and you can share the relevant data with them via the Agent dashboard. Salesboard includes around 10 standard report widgets to choose from and we can create custom widgets specifically for your business.

Interaction results

Every prospect interaction generates a result code. Your reps can see how they compare to others in the team.

Contracts, quotes & forms

Historic information on number and type of contracts, quotes and forms that the rep’s interactions generated.

Historic timelines

See detailed information about all interactions for a specific time period.

Top lists

Shows top performers over a metric you choose: number of contracts, conversion rates, number of interactions.

And many more

In the campaign manager you pick the report widgets you want to publish to your reps. And if a widget is not in our standard toolbox, our team can create a custom one for you in no time.