Salesboard for door to door sales campaigns

Higher productivity, higher conversions, lower churn, better insights.

More visits, higher conversions, lower cancellations

More visits because your door to door reps know where to knock. Higher conversions because your reps visit more areas with potential. Lower cancellations because your reps deliver the perfect pitch.

Visit prospects with the highest potential

Your reps have a clear map of assigned leads which helps them to get the most out of their working day. Colored result codes help them to easily decide if an address should be visited or should be avoided. Salesboard automatically syncs the nearest prospects so your reps can knock more doors and close more deals.

Access to our mass market address database

With our best of class global address and postcode database you can easily create regions anywhere in the world. And when your face to face sales reps are within the assigned region, we will supply them with all addresses, merged with any data you already have. De addresses are shown in the Audience dashboard.


Import Audiences Field Sales
Switch campaign

Delivering the perfect pitch

Your want you reps to deliver the perfect pitch for every prospect interaction. They will have with up to date and appealing content, helping them with the perfect pitch. Salesboard is famous for its intuitive navigation methodologies, supporting a fast-paced pitch in a natural way.

Improving with live campaign insights

You know that door to door sales is a number game. So we make sure you have all the data to base your decisions on. You will know where your reps are, you know what content has been used and which content did contribute to conversions. You know how many pitches have been delivered and what your conversion rate is. You can basically manage your door to door sales campaigns in the same way you manage your online channel.

Publish your sales deck

Publishing your sales deck to your door to door teams is as simple as dropping your files on the canvas, selecting your campaign and hitting the publish button.

Digital enrolments

You can build any form using our graphical form builder. Add one or more signature fields and start accepting new digital enrolments.

Up sell & cross sell

Your door to door sales reps can easily switch product stories, depending on the conversation flow and prospect parameters.

Territory management

Assign territories to your door to door sales teams. Your reps will only be able to sell in regions assigned to them.

Making appointments

Increase conversions by allowing your door to door reps to make appointment for a face to face, voice call or screen share meeting.

Third Party Connections

With our API’s you can read and write all data from and to Salesboard. Easily hook up your CRM, ERP, TPV or any other third-party service.

Security and scalability top of mind

ISO 27001 certified
GDPR proof

Weather your team is 5 or 5,000 reps, you expect your sales dashboard to perform. Our cloud infrastructure is built on Google Cloud technology and will expand as you expand.

Data security is in our DNA. We are ISO 27001 certified, the international standard on information security. Our security system is independently monitored by Lloyds Register.