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Airband door-to-door sales
Airband: door-to-door sales in rural areas


Airband is a rapidly growing broadband provider in the UK, specialising in providing high speed optic fiber to rural areas. With the market growing rapidly, competition is fierce and Airband needed a way to streamline their door-to-door sales processes.

Since May 2022, Airband’s field staff have been using Salesboard. We spoke with Brad York, Field Sales Team Leader at Airband, to learn about their experiences so far.

Brad oversees all field sales activities at Airband, including their own telesales and field sales team, as well as a subcontracting team. While the subcontracting team focuses solely on door-to-door sales, Airband’s own field sales team also has other responsibilities, like identifying potential customers’ interest in Airband’s product.

Airband’s way of working

After they install new cables in an area, they’re ready to start their field sales campaign. Since optic fiber cables are costly and a long-term investment, it’s important for Airband to convert as many prospects as possible. That’s why they regularly set up retargeting campaigns to visit prospects who didn’t convert during previous visits.

Before Airband started using Salesboard, Brad spent a lot of time setting up new campaigns and retargeting campaigns. For this, he had to print out all prospect information and address lists before he could send his team out. Since this was mostly manual work, it could take up to 3 hours to set up a new campaign. Now, according to Brad, it only takes a few minutes to set up a campaign. Needless to say, this is critical for a company that is growing rapidly and has several dozen campaigns running at once.

When it comes to retargeting campaigns, Brad’s team can now easily see which prospects are most promising thanks to the resultcodes on our Audience dashboard. Because they have instant insight into prospects’ previous interactions with sales reps, they no longer have to manually prepare retargeting campaigns.

“Salesboard has definitely made our sales process more efficient, and with that, contributed to our growth.”

Brad York, Airband

The most valuable features according to Brad

Audience Dashboard
Since Airband operates in rural areas, the Audience Dashboard is a very important feature for Brad’s teams. Sales reps can see the exact location of prospects, so they always know where to go and never get lost.

As mentioned before, the ability to set up a new campaign within minutes is crucial for Brad. Especially now that the growth of Airband, and with it the growth of the number of campaigns, is continuing.

Taking notes
Finally, note-taking is a feature that is essential to the way Airband works. Especially during retargeting campaigns, where it is important for sales reps to be able to see what was discussed with a prospect during previous visits.

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