Consumer Personal Data


The Consumer definition may differ per Salesboard account, it represents the clients of Salesboard Customer, if a Salesboard Customer offers a service such as Energy then the consumer would be a company or an individual. The data to be collected from the consumers will always differ between Salesboard accounts as they will be specific for their needs, therefore is the responsibility of the service provider to clarify what data will be collected and processed.

Salesboard offers 2 main core functionalities that allows data to be collected from consumers: Leads and Forms.


A Lead is an identity that represents a place, company or house, it may contain GPS coordinates, names, full address (house number, street and postal code) and as well details about an individual or the company chamber of commerce’s number. In combination with Data Layers, some flags may indicate if a person was not at home or if it was not interested in a product.

Forms and Documents

Forms are used to collect information in-the-place. After the data collection, a digital contract may be generated and a signature may be requested. The output would be a Document that contains form fields, a signed pdfs and pictures when applicable.

Retention times

The document retention period at the server side is decided by the Salesboard Customer. We recommend that our customers set this period to 7 days for server side retention.

The document retention period on the tablet is also decided by the Salesboard Customer. We recommend a policy of zero days which removes the document automatically after been received successfully by the Salesboard server.


Both Leads and Documents are encrypted on Tablet and Server sides.